FATM 2021
Frontal (Alpha) Asymmetry Transaction Machine

Does it seem like more and more, the tech closest to you feels like it can read your mind? Thats because it does.

Tracking your behaviours online can provide detailed accounts of you as a person. AI processing techniques have rocket-boosted the second party’s ability to know you through your  actions online. Who and what you love or hate, and how you feel. 

This is a highly valuble asset, the foundation of a social media empire is the profiling and tracking of consumer data. Looking forwards, the progression of the devices closest to us will inch closer and closer to the marketing goldmine of complete predictability. 

The unpredictable homosapien is ancient history.

As an opportunity to sell your data, the FATM uses EEG (Electroencephalography) to collect and process your specific response to a set bank of stimulus, aimed to generate a sensitive data set, a description of the subjects.

FATM uses real-life marketing methods of brain scanning technology (EEG) to process and record a subject’s emotional and implicit responses to visual stimuli. Using the ‘Frontal Alpha Asymmetry’ technique, an impression of the subject’s positive and negative responses provides a map to predict future responses to various concepts, objects and aesthetics.

The results of the test provide a rudimental look at the subject’s ‘approach and avoid’ psychological motivators. Sensitive inferences can now be made by displaying political or controversial images as queries. In exchange, the subject is compensated with Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Approach and avoidance data provides a goldmine in terms of neuroscientific marketing. To hold an accurate profile of one’s approach motivators is to understand and predict emotional and individual-specific responses to any stimulus.

The trade-off for such access remains highly sensitive. The ability to identify and process such highly detailed biometrics holds potential to expose parts of us we do not consent to or even realise are being recorded, processed and profiled.